Ultimate Linings

friedens collision ultimate liningsWe offer Ultimate Linings– The Ultimate Spray-On Polyurethane Protective Lining

Ultimate Linings offers the most advanced spray-on bedliner on the market. An enviromentally safe, corrosion resistant polyurethane liner that fits every curve of your truck bed with a non-skid textured surface, and bonds permanently for long lasting protection.

Ultimate Linings offer unparalleled resistance to scratches and dents, and most common chemicals– including fertilizers, fuel oils, pool chlorine, paint, bleach, turpentine and organic solvents.

Spray-on Ultimate Linings:

– Will no rust of corrode
– Will no wrap, crack, or split
– Offer a perfect, contoured fit
– Reduce noise and vibrations
– Are maintenance free
– Are easily repaired
– Permanently bonded to surface